Lazy Days

So, I had a lazy weekend.  There were plans made and projects to finish, but no accomplishments nor honored commitments.  Just a couple of days catching up with my friends Bobby, Tyler, Alex, and Giada.  It's been so long and they were happy to see me too.  I literally spent the weekend watching countless cooking channel shows, jotting down notes, experimenting in the kitchen complete with two runs to the grocery store that were way more expensive than I'd planned.  All in the same sweatshirt.  But it was good.  Funny enough, with all that education, and all that note taking, and all that green thrown to the market, nothing really got cooked except the chili (soooooooooo hearty and delicious.. finally allowing me to put a few of those gifted canned goods to good use... I'll give you the recipe, I swear).  A lot of great ideas were born and you'll see plenty of them in upcoming posts, but nothing really made it to the table. Except the pork chop I'd defrosted on Friday night.  In all my culinary glory, I'd totally forgot about it.  Well, let me tell you, that all that food fantasizing works up an appetite and watching the Cooking Channel all weekend rounds that out.  So here we go, pork chops with baked apples.

** It's ideal if you can sear and bake the chop in the same dish.... There is something so purist about it, don't you think?**

Sear the pork on each side for good colour, then add sprig of rosemary.  Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 375 until done (around 25 minutes or less, if you can get away with it... that's my personal opinion).  While that's baking, bake some apple slices too, you know for garnish.  Bake the apple slices with a pat of butter until soft.  Serve on top of the chops.


The Deal:
Calories: 297; Fat: 11g; Protein: 24g; Carbs: 21g