A Week Without Waste: Day Four

 Hmmm.  The choices are not so fantastic now, eh?  I suppose this is the challenge?  If I've said it before, you're going to hear it again.  I could brunch every day of the week.  There is nothing better than a leisurely meal smack in the middle of the day.  Especially when it involves mimosas. 
Brunch during the day is fantabulous, but when it's carried out until the dusk, it takes on an entirely different feeling.  The French say there is nothing more dignified than a simple herb omelet on a Wednesday evening.  I concur.  On a Wednesday, when I'm dog tired and can't really be bothered to do much more than scramble an egg, the omelet comes in handy.  Or the frittata.  Or tortilla Espanol.  It seems everyone has their version of the egg based, dog tired, can't be bothered dinner.  So here's what we'll do.  Brunch for Supper.  

mustard greens
romaine leaves
acorn squash
red potatoes
yukon gold potatoes
pink lady apples
spring onions
ground buffalo

So, I could knock out most of these ingredients and be left with just the mustard greens, but I'm going to leave the greens with a friend for Day Five.  A while back, my dear friend and Goddess Tina made brunch for me at her place in Southwest DC.  She made a quiche without the pastry.  It was marvelous.  Even without its deliciously buttery flaky home.

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.  Start by grating the potatoes and chopping some onion.  Toss this around in some olive oil until soft and tender and set aside. 

I'm cheating here, and adding spinach, even though it's not on our list.  Truth be told, I always have frozen spinach, corn and peas in my freezer.  They're always good for a little colour.

Depending on how large you'd like your quichetatta espanol, beat up a few eggs with a little milk, then add your cooled veggies and a bit of shredded cheese (cheating again! using gruyere).  Spray a baking dish with cooking oil, pour your contents in, sprinkle the top with a bit of gruyere and bake until firm and golden brown on top.

Slice it up and enjoy!  I'm rocking mine with a bit of yogurt, a few strawberries, and a planter's mimosa.*

Dog Tired, Can't Be Bothered Dinner Done and DONE.  In 30 minutes (Rachael whoooo?). 

*Planter's Mimosa
1 part Ceres Medley of Fruits juice
2 parts champagne

p.s. Thanks for the patience and pretending that this post is chronologically correct with the last.  I'm back from my hiatus and promise to be a regular again... What can I say, life throws you curve balls sometimes and for those of us not familiar with baseball, it can be a bit of a bitch... Cheers!

The Deal
makes 6 servings; each serving:
Cal. 115; Fat: 6g; Protein: 7g; Carbs: 8g